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Back again… And this time one of those rare ones…

Hello to all of my readers, It has been a long time since I have posted. I will try to do better… but no guarantee. I have been busy with hay and garden. But enough rambling. I am going to write one of those rare posts on my blog… About politics. Yes, you  heard, or rather, read what I said. Recently a friend posted a link to an article and an image about President Obama’s birth certificate. There has always been talk about this, and I am still not decided on the matter either. But I am just going to point out some things here. First, read this article and then look at this image. Now, think about that image. Does it look very official to you? Not me. Just go look at your birth certificate. Obama’s doesn’t contain enough information… Then, in that article notice the “verification in-lieu of certified copy” phrase. Anotherwards, it wasn’t the original certificate. It could have been changed. I am not saying that itwas, simpling pointing out a few things. Something wrong here? Let me know in your comments please! Be kind though…


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